Bluegrass Goose

Traditional headstock design with open gear tuners (nickel)

Bluegrass Goose

Abalone rosette with the Master Grade Pack® or Ultimate Pack®


Touche en ébène ornée d’un B incrusté en nacre

Bluegrass Goose

Exclusive neck heel inlay on Brazilian rosewood models

Bluegrass Goose

Herringbone trim standard on any rosewood models

Personalize your Bluegrass Goose Series

5 packs available

Personalize your Boucher guitar with one or more of our option packs. We have created packs in order to facilitate your decision-making process. So, you can give your guitar additional ergonomic or sound attributes with the ultimate guarantee that the options you choose will perfectly fit together. In any case, your custom guitar will reflect our craftsmanship without any compromise!

"Burst" Pack

Burst Pack

Burst Pack®

A look that stands out
(2 elements)

For lovers of the vintage look, our BURST PACK® offers an old and unique character to your Boucher guitar. Our traditional sunburst finish has 3 tones which may slightly vary from one guitar to the next, as they are applied by hand. In terms of tone, the BURST PACK® may slightly bring out the crystal-clear tones of the trebles.

"Gold" Pack

Gold Pack Torrefied Top

Gold Pack®

Maturity and unique personality
(3 elements)

Maturity is a great quality, particularly when it comes to acoustic guitars. In 2010, Boucher Guitars innovated by developing with the collaboration of The University Laval of Quebec, a unique roasting process that accelerates the aging of its Adirondack red spruce soundboards by eliminating lignin, but without altering its essential components of the wood, cellulose and hemicellulose. This industry first resulted in the launch of our famous Gold Touch® top option at NAMM 2011. Optional on our guitars from the Studio Goose and Bluegrass Goose Series, the GOLD PACK® also includes gold plated machine head tuners. For those who want to afford “sound maturity” without the long wait.

"Master Grade" pack

Master Grade Pack

Master Grade Pack®

Finesse and exclusivity
(3 elements)

The world of guitar making proclaims that at least 70% of the sound properties of a high-end acoustic guitar have a connection with its soundboard and bracing. Boucher Guitars supports this view. The quality of the materials used in the making of a soundboard is, therefore, crucial. The Adirondack red spruce is, to everyone, the Holy Grail of wood species to consider when designing soundboards. However, its great rarity limits its use among manufacturers. Imagine the impact of a “Master Grade” Adirondack red spruce soundboard on the sonority of your guitar! And that is not all! All Boucher guitars with the MASTER GRADE PACK® include a rosette ornamented with abalone inlay and Koa body bindings. This is to support the quality assurance and extreme rarity of a Master Grade Adirondack soundboard.
We thought of you and of everything!

Exclusive abalone rosette

Shown with Gold® and Master Grade Packs®

Master Grade Pack Abalone Rosette

Master Grade Adirondack spruce top

Bluegrass Master Grade Top

Shown with Gold® and Master Grade Packs®

Bluegrass Master Grade Top Torrefied

Koa or maple body binding

Shown with Gold® and Master Grade Packs®

Master Grade Pack Koa Bindings

"Intimate Concert Pack"

Intimate Concert Pack

Intimate Concert Pack®

Sound accuracy and improved visibility
(2 elements)

Created for a specific purpose, the INTIMATE CONCERT PACK® combines two very useful elements when a guitarist has to perform on small stages. When played at a relatively low volume, the K & K Pure Mini mic reproduces with great fidelity, the original sound of your acoustic guitar. The black side markers located on the maple fretboard bindings maximize visibility on the guitar neck when stage lighting is not at its best. Koa fretboard bindings when combined with a guitar having Koa body bindings.

"Ultimate" Pack

Ultimate Pack Style-41 Abalone

Ultimate Pack®

High level of customization and exception
(7 elements)

Conceived and designed for guitarists who wish to own a unique guitar. The ULTIMATE PACK® gives way to your wildest fantasies in terms of high-quality acoustic guitar. It opens the door to multiple selections of fretboard inlay patterns. Style-41 abalone inlay on the soundboard. Koa fretboard and body bindings. High-gloss neck finish. Deluxe Waverly machine head tuners.
We thought of you and of everything!

Master Grade Adirondack spruce top
Shown with Gold Pack® and Ultimate Pack®

Bluegrass Ultimate Master Grade TopBluegrass Ultimate Pack

Koa or maple body bindings
Shown with Gold Pack® and Ultimate Pack® (koa body bindings)

Bluegrass Ultimate Optional Koa Bindings

Koa or maple neck bindings
Shown with Gold Pack® and Ultimate Pack®

Ultimate Pack Koa or Maple Neck Bindings

Deluxe Waverly tuners

Exclusive style-41 abalone body trim
Shown with Gold Pack® and Ultimate Pack®

Bluegrass Ultimate Style-41

Bluegrass Ultimate Pack

Satin or gloss neck finish

Manche finition semi-lustrée ou lustrée

(6) Fretboard abalone inlay selection

Ultimate Pack Fretborad Inlay Selection


Traditional or diamonds

Traditonal or Diamond inlay

B or B with dots

B and B with Dots Inlay

Snow flakes or tree of life